Temporary Works Supervisor Online Course

The Temporary Works Supervisor course can now be completed online, providing you with an excellent knowledge of risk management for a temporary works. If you’re a manager or supervisor with an supervising temporary works, then this is the right course to for you.

How does the temporary works supervisor online course work?

Target Zero offers a variety of online courses that allow you to complete your studies at your own pace, and from any location that is suitable for you. Whether you want to access our course from home, work or any other remote location, you can be assured that training is available from wherever you need to be. If you need to continue social distancing, then this is the ideal course for you, as you won’t need to access the training centre.

The Temporary Works Supervisor course online is conducted in a virtual classroom via Zoom. You will see your trainer and fellow students as part of the training session and can ask or answer questions in real time. Group work and class discussions will help you to bounce ideas off each other. Our trainers are hand-picked for their industry experience so will understand the challenges you face as part of your supervisor role.

What are the prerequisites for the online temporary works supervisor course?

Delegates booking the Temporary Works Supervisor course are expected to have an sound understanding of both written and spoken English. You should also have some experience in managing or supervising temporary works, with some knowledge of the relevant points in the BS 5975:2019 revision material too.

What will the training cover?

At the end of the course, you will have learnt the following:

  • The importance of cooperation and teamwork on a temporary works site
  • The legalities involved in being a temporary works supervisor
  • A strong awareness of how risk management works onsite
  • An understanding of the role of the supervisor with regards to employee management
  • The 4 Cs: communication, cooperation, coordination and competency

How is the course marked?

At the end of your 1-day course, you will be tested in the form of a multiple-choice exam. You will need to obtain a pass mark of 72% to complete the course successfully. To achieve this mark, all course delegates will be encouraged to interact and become as involved as possible to elevate your understanding of being a temporary works supervisor.

What do you receive as proof of completion?

Along with your updated knowledge and skills, delegates will also receive a Temporary Works Supervisor certificate which is valid for 5 years. As a CITB certified course, you are eligible to claim the £30 CITB grant – simply provide your CITB Levy number at the start of your course or on the day.

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