SMSTS Refresher Online Courses

What is the SMSTS Refresher Course?

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) refresher training is designed for those who are nearing the end of their five year SMSTS certificate and need to complete the refresher course to extend it for another five years or those who last attended the course over three years ago.

The point of the refresher course is to keep updated with the very latest legislation and guidance in regards to onsite safety. As you will be aware, legislation and recommendations around construction health and safety are constantly changing so a refresher course is key to keeping up to date and allowing you work off of the latest guidance.

Once complete, the refresher certificate will extend your SMSTS qualification for another five years to allow you to continue in your supervisor or managerial role and provide the safest environment for your employees.

Is the SMSTS Online Refresher Course Different?

The online course is exactly the same as the course in person and you will learn the same information and experience the same format as you might in person. The SMSTS refresher online experience is presented in real time live from Zoom from one of our experienced tutors who have onsite experience in the construction industry.

Just like you would at one of our training centres, you will still be able to ask questions and take part in class discussions and activities as well as complete your exam at the end. Exams are completed via an online form, and you will be monitored by your camera throughout by the tutor.

The SMSTS online refresher course allows you to attend the course in an environment that suits you such as your home, workplace, hotel or any other remote location. You simply need a phone, tablet or laptop, a good internet connection, camera and microphone.

Book Your Place On Our Online SMSTS Refresher Course

To book your place on one of our online SMSTS refresher courses, you can book online using the button below. Alternatively you can contact us via email or phone if you would like to find out more about the course or ask any questions. We can make arrangements for your business and provide you with a course that suits your needs regarding time.

Our course is CITB certified, and we are approved by the governing bodies so you can be confident you are getting an official qualification with your certification being posted to you following completion of the course.

We have received highly rated feedback from past attendees on our courses which you can look through on the website. Our online courses are thorough and identical to our in class training, so you won’t lose out on anything by attending remotely.