CITB Directors Role For Health And Safety Course Online

Target Zero offers a 1-day CITB Directors Role for Health and Safety Course online. This is separate from the same course that can be taken at a Target Zero training venue. Our online version of the program is designed with convenience and flexibility in mind.

Company directors and board level senior management staff can complete their training remotely and receive their certification on the same day, from any online location.

Who is the CITB Directors Role For Health And Safety Course for?

The CITB Directors Role online training course is aimed at company directors and board level senior management. Please bear in mind that under UK Health and Safety legislation, all company directors assume joint responsibility so it’s important that each individual director keeps their training and certification updated.

What you can expect from the course

When you enrol on a Directors Role for Health and Safety online, you will choose your course date and then log-in to the training material at the start of the course day. Some of our online course delegates are based in their homes, others take part from a quiet area of their office, but really you can join from any remote location that is convenient to you.

Our training takes place via Zoom video conferencing and will be presented in the same style and format as classroom-based learning. You can expect to get to know your instructor and fellow course delegates during the day and will participate in group discussions. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask clarifying questions so you will benefit just as much from your online training as you would in-person.

The course is comprehensive and covers the following areas:

• The implications, and ethical and human cost of boardroom decisions
• How an unsafe environment can result in negative economic consequences
• A close look at health and safety law
• The significance and requirements of the risk management process
• How to procure competent health and safety support and any limitations
• Introducing and facilitating a proactive health and safety culture across your entire company

The information is delivered using a variety of teaching tools, including discussion, group work, presentations, and case studies.

The assessment process

Course delegates will be required to attend the entire day’s training to be eligible for certification. At the end of the program, you will take a short 30-minute multiple choice test which is designed to assess your understanding of the course content.

Following successful completion of the assessment, you will be rewarded with your certificate. This is valid for 5 years and you will have the option to renew as you approach its expiry date.

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