When Would I Need A Temporary Works Coordinator Qualification?

Keeping up with health and safety regulations in the construction industry can be challenging, however we understand that these rules are made to keep everyone safe on site.

Unfortunately,in 2020/21, 142 people lost their lives in the construction industry and undertaking the TWC course will give you the information that you need to apply safe systems of work and adhere to health and safety protocols.

What are temporary works?

The HSE defines temporary works as, ‘the parts of a construction project that are needed to enable the permanent works to be built. For example, access scaffolds, props, shoring, formwork, falsework and excavation support enable permanent works to be built, but are removed afterwards.

These are different from permanent works, including retaining walls, bridges or other supports that are expected to remain in position for longer.

Who can organise temporary works?

If you are organising temporary works for your construction project, then the training to become a temporary works coordinator is essential. This will make you aware of issues that occur at every stage of the temporary works process, along with recommended steps to prevent them. For example, a temporary works coordinator must know how to:

• coordinate the project design
• select the required equipment
• appoint qualified contractors
• supervise the workload
• check the work at completion
• provide authorisation of load and removal of temporary work components.

What type of temporary works qualification is required?

Target Zero offers a comprehensive temporary works coordinator online course that can be completed remotely for your convenience.

The two-day course is aimed at managers, agents and other supervisors who hold any responsibility for temporary works.

You will come away with a thorough understanding of temporary works, the day-to-day roles involved in temp work procedures, associated risk assessments and method statements. The course also covers the BS 5975: 2019 in full.

How does the temporary works coordinator assessment work?

The online course will take place over Zoom, where you will interact with a professional Target Zero course trainer to cover topics such as:

• Groups and types of temporary works
• An understanding of the job responsibilities of a temporary works coordinator
• Case studies, procedures and policies relating to BS 5975: 2019
• CDM regulations
• Legislation and relevant Codes of Practice
• Register for Temporary Works, including design requirements and checks
• Standard solutions and guidance design documents

You must attend both days of the online course to be eligible for certification. At the end of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to take a multiple-choice test to assess your understanding of the course materials. Delegates achieving 72% or above will be awarded with their TWC qualification.

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