What is Covered in a Mental Health First Aid England Course?

Mental health has become a growing concern following the COVID-19 global pandemic as the world deals with isolation, loss of normal life, economic stress and uncertainty. Britain was in the grip of a mental health crisis already and as we emerge from the lockdown, it is important to understand the impact of mental health on friends, family and colleagues.

The Mental Health First Aid England course has become increasingly popular in recent years, becoming a staple in workplaces across all industries who want to provide mental health support to their staff.

Mental Health First Aid provides a go-to person within the working environment for someone suffering with their mental health. Mental Health First Aiders are given training on mental health issues, how to listen without judgement, signpost support and spot the signs of a mental health crisis in those around them. Mental Health First Aiders are training to support those who are struggling and need a supportive, understanding and qualified person to help them.

What does the course involve?

The course is over 1 or 2 days and provides Mental Health First Aiders with all the information they need to help others. The sessions cover the stigma relating to mental health and many of the factors affecting mental health including: suicide, the effect of alcohol or drugs, personality disorders, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders and self-harm.  Furthermore, it covers listening without judgement and first aid for depression and signposting to treatment and resources.

Book the Mental Health First Aid England Course with Target Zero

If you are considering taking a Mental Health First Aid England course or enrolling your employees on the course – do not hesitate. Stress, depression and anxiety are the second biggest cause of work-related ill health so providing mental health support to your workers is as essential as physical first aid.

Who can be a Mental Health First Aider?

Anybody can become a mental health first aider, having MHFAs of varying levels across the business, provides options for employees or contractors to identify and approach if they feel in need of mental health support.

Advertise the opportunity to your employees and see who volunteers or volunteer yourself!

A mental health first aider is not meant to stand in the place of a mental health professional or provide counselling but to help signpost someone to the professional help they need such as counselling, CBT or urgent mental health care. They are trained to look out for the signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis and to provide guidance to those in need.

Destigmatising mental health is vital to helping people feel they can speak up and reach out for support if they are struggling with their mental health. This is especially true in regards to the construction industry which has one of the highest rates of suicide in an industry.

Around 4-10% of the population will experience depression in their lifetime with 1 in 6 people suffering with a common mental disorder. Around 1 in 5 of workdays lost is due to anxiety and depression disorders.

Construction is statistically a sector where mental health is at its worst with a disproportionate number of workers lost to suicide and 25% of long-term health issues of construction workers being down to stress, depression or anxiety.